Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Albacete on Benedict XVI

If you love the wit, humor and insight of Msgr. Lorenzo Albacete as much as the vaticanisti do, make sure to read the transcript of his interview with Charlie Rose.

Here's just a little taste of what the interview contains--an excerpt from a colloquy regarding Pope Benedict XVI's "agenda":

CHARLIE ROSE: What else do you think is on the top of his agenda that we haven't spoken to?
LORENZO ALBACETE: Taking a nap, because it's been a long day. Other than to drive a nice—to wonder where he can buy a German beer or something?
Having satisfied those...
CHARLIE ROSE: The pope, yeah.
LORENZO ALBACETE: ... no, no, I think he will promote—I don't think he has a very high opinion of the pope's ability to really change the world. I think he sees the pope more as a facilitator that would provoke, that would move, prompt creative initiatives. Again, he uses that term. We need creative minorities to establish ways of life that are attractive to the people who experience the cruelty of today's world.


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