Saturday, April 30, 2005

Defying the stereotypes

The Vaticanisti would like to direct your attention here for a rather interesting news item by a fellow Vatican observer, discussing the important role in the Ratzinger-Benedict XVI household played thus far and to be played in the future by his "housekeeper," Ingrid Stampa. Seems that, yet again, our new Holy Father defies the uncritical mischaracterizations and misinformed categorizations of the Garry Willses, Andrew Sullivans and Maureen Dowds of the world. Rather than listening to these types, read the article for yourself and you decide.

In addition, if you would like to know more about what John Paul II had to say about the role of women in the Church, look at this. We must dispel the myth, propogated by groups like this, that women are second-class citizens in the Church because they cannot be ordained to the ministerial priesthood. One needs only look at the example of Our Blessed Mother, to whom JP II dedicated his pontificate (see, e.g., his spiritual testament, in this regard), the writings of JP II such as are linked above, as well as his writings on the laity, for example this, to see that such claims simply do not state the truth. Nevertheless, the Vaticanisti anticipate that many of our readers, especially our female readers, are better able to speak to this issue than we are.

Fiat veritas et caritas!


Anonymous fr. bob said...

Very interesting...Ratzi has a women in his inner circle. I'm begiining to like this guy. At the same time, my interest in this blog is decreasing. What happened to all the humorous comments?

10:04 AM  
Anonymous Shannon said...

Beautiful! We may be seeing the "complimentary" nature of the sexes (articulated not only by John Paul II but also be such French essentialist feminist philosophers as Julia Cristeva) in a way we do not typically think of. We are so conditioned to look at this model in the context of marriage, forgetting that there are so many other arenas in which women and men can work together and use their partiular and individual gifts.

As a reformed constructivist "feminist" with most of the negative connotations that that word can carry, I want to say thanks for bringing this to the discussion.

2:23 PM  
Anonymous Solidarity Anne said...

Thank you guys for this thoughtful and open-minded posting on a women's issue. I don't know who this "Fr. Bob" is, but he sounds like a typical patriarchal and macho male. Personally, I found the so-called "humor" of the unreformed Vaticanisti to be deeply offensive and hurtful, not to mention the fact that the point of view it reflected was systematically excluding both the reformed constructivist feminist perspective AND the French essentialist feminist philosophical perspective. All things (including all blogs) should include all people and all perspectives without exception. Except, that is, for those who do not agree with this statement, who should be categorically excluded. Now that the blog seems to have changed its tone, traffic on this site should really start to pick up because everyone will feel welcome. Although by the looks of it . . .

3:43 PM  
Anonymous Shannon said...

Whoa! I think we need to be careful about inclusion for its own sake. Remember Benedict XVI's epsicopal motto: Co-workers in the TRUTH. We are after the truth in the end. Everyone should get a voice, but we have a responsibility, even(and especially) in dialogue to proclaim the truth without compromise. Or as a paraphrase of Chesterton says, "Have an open mind, but be willing to close it on the truth."

9:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dirty sod!!!!!!!!

5:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

PLEASE DISREGARD my last comment above.

It's not true and neither is the story!

Joseph Ratzinger is a very lovely and good Pope.

5:57 AM  
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