Monday, June 06, 2005

New Cardinals for Probable October 2005 Consistory

Our sources generally agree the following will most likely be included on the list of new cardinals for the upcoming consistory:

1) William Levada, 69, Prefect of Doctrine of the Faith
2) Stanislaw Dziwisz, 66, Archbishop of Krakow, Poland
3) Angelo Comastri, 61, Archpriest of St. Peter's Basilica and Vicar General for the Vatican City-State
4) Andrea Cordero Lanza di Montezemolo, 79, Archpriest of St. Paul’s Outside-the-Walls Basilica
5) Carlo Caffarra, 67, Archbishop of Bologna, Italy
6) Antonio Cañizares Llovera, 59, Archbishop of Toledo, Spain
7) Lluís Martínez Sistach, 68, Archbishop of Barcelona, Spain
8) Andre Vingt-Trois, 62, Archbishop of Paris, France
9) Gaudencio Borbon Rosales, 72, Archbishop of Manila, Philippines
10) Michel Sabbah, 72, Patriarch of Jerusalem
11) Emmanuel III (Emmanuel-Karim) Delly, 77, Patriarch of Baghdad, Iraq
12) Joseph Zen Ze-kiun, 73, Bishop of Hong Kong, China
13) Stanislaw Rylko, 59, President of the Pontifical Council for the Laity
14) Franc Rodé, 70, Prefect of the Congregation for the Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life
15) Either Raúl Eduardo Vela Chiriboga, 71, Archbishop of Quito, Ecuador OR Antonio Arregui Yarza, 66, Archbishop of Guayaquil, Ecuador – probably will go to Yarza who is a priest of Opus Dei
16) Fernando Sáenz Lacalle, 72, Archbishop of San Salvador, El Salvador (another Opus Dei priest)
17) Two Metropolitan Archbishops from Brazil – multiple Episcopal sees that have historically had cardinals leading them are currently lacking the red hat…see Benedict name the two Brazilian cardinals who most “fit” his theological vision…Brazil being the most populous Catholic country is under-represented in the college
18) Two Metropolitan Archbishops from Africa – may be some surprises here…watch for a possible Ethiopian
19) If Cardinal McCarrick of Washington, DC, USA retires before September and a successor is named, then his successor will be created a cardinal
20) Three eminent priest-theologians – great speculation here…watch for future postings

Notable exceptions include: Archbishop Sean O’Malley of Boston who supposedly has no desire to be named cardinal out of a sense of Franciscan humility, and Archbishop Michael Fitzgerald who is currently President of the Pontifical Council for Inter-religious Dialogue.

The list is quite interesting. There are obvious shoe-ins like Levada, Dziwisz, and Comastri. Caffarra and Llovera are both stand-outs adding profound intellectual and spiritual depth to the college. Sistach, Vingt-Trois and Rosales will also receive a red hat because of the importance of their episcopal sees. The naming of Sabbah, Emmanuel III, and Zen Ze-kiun are the most fascinating because it demonstrates Pope Benedict’s great support for the church leaders of these troubled regions of the world. Two Opus Dei bishops are also included which would double their representation in the college. John Allen, eat your heart out…


Anonymous kelley sterling said...

Utterly fascinating. Where do you get your information? You must be one connected kind-a-guy! Can you post a photo of yourself (or yourselves)? Inquiring minds (hearts?) want to know...

10:29 AM  
Anonymous CitadelGrad said...

Do you know the reason why the AB of St. Louis no longer gets a red hat? There was a time when it was a slam dunk. I know St. Louis isn't a New York, Chicago or LA, but if Baltimore gets a cardinal there is no reason for Topeka and certainly St. Louis not to get one either.

11:04 AM  
Anonymous Louis E. said...

Baltimore is the (honorary) Primatial See of the USA and there's no reason it should be less of a "slam dunk" than its European counterparts.Not saying St. Louis should be ignored indefinitely.

I've maintained a likely-cardinals-next-time list for years,and the names I have who are not on the Vaticanisti list are as follows:
Sean Brady,Archbishop of Armagh (the only Irish elector ages out next year and Brady has already been bypassed three times);
Nicholas Cheong Jin-suk,Archbishop of Seoul (the only Korean elector aged out years ago);
Henryk Muszynski,Archbishop of Gniezno (automatically becomes Primate of Poland when Glemp retires from Warsaw,and Glemp is already past retirement age);
Jean-Pierre Ricard,Archbishop of Bordeaux and President of the French Episcopal Conference;
John Atcherley Dew,Archbishop of Wellington;
Agostino Vallini,Prefect of the Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura;
and probably Francesco Monterisi,who was secretary of the conclave and that post is traditionally rewarded with the cardinalate.
Other possibilities range from Jan Sokol of Slovakia to Francisco Robles Ortega of Mexico.
Vaticanisti are welcome to handicap!

2:40 PM  
Anonymous fr. bob said...

Pretty good list...would have liked more detail on Brazilians and Africans, along with the 3 "eminent priest-theologians." Ireland is a mess right now. Doubtful of a red hat there. No way for Wellington. Maybe Seoul though. Interesting about Sean O'Malley - he must be good if he has no desire for the red hat.

Kelley Sterling...up to her old tricks. Want my phone number?

3:44 PM  
Anonymous Louis E. said...

Would think that,after the Wellington Abp was replaced the day he reached retirement age,that his replacement might be granted the hat quickly as a counterbalance?
I have some potential African and Brazilian candidates though no one clearly in line.(The guy at Jigsaw Lounge seems to think that dozens of Brazilians have a clear chance to be the next Pope...I doubt that!)

8:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dunno if McCarrick's resignation will be accepted immediately - it might seem bad form (and BXVI is a most gracious man)and Washington is in the middle of a capital campaign.

McCarrick, Maida, Keeler are all at the 75 mark' significant changes will come...

Gus DiNoia, OP, if he does not become theologian of the Papal Household, may return home next year.

Albert Vanhoye is my bet for one of the theologian cardinals

10:51 PM  
Blogger vaticanisti said...


Remember--this is a forum for serious discussion about all things ecclesiastical; not a pick-up bar. Perhaps your time would be better spent on a Catholic singles website. The Vaticanisti are your nameless, faceless servants on the worldwide web.

1:39 AM  
Anonymous Louis E. said...

McCarrick has supposedly said he specifically wants to leave quickly,while Keeler doesn't turn 75 until next year.(Fiorenza of Houston is also reaching 75 in between McCarrick and Keeler,though of course he's not a cardinal and his replacement is already in place).
Cardinals who are over 75 and in pastoral positions include Razafimahatratra,Glemp,Ambrozic,and perhaps most interestingly Friedrich Wetter (just as Macharski was JP II's successor,Wetter replaced B XVI in Munich & Freising).Could be the chance for this Pope to elevate a new German voice more to his liking than Kasper and Lehmann?

7:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The more likely reason O'Malley would be passed over is not any preference of his, but because Cardinal Law, though resigned from the post, is still under retirement age. And it is considered bad form to have too many cardinal-electors from the US, nevermind two cardinal-electors from the same see.

If both Keeler and McCarrick are replaced before the consistory, then there would be an additional 3 electors from the US, with William Card. Baum aging out in 2006, Szoka in 2007, and Rigali, Maida, and McCarrick in 2010. Law doesn't turn 80 until 2011.

7:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is speculation that perhaps at the next consistory after this one there may be a cardinal in the southern US: either Miami, Atlanta, New Orleans or Houston. Of these, Houston recommends itself as being the largest of the four cities, and it will be getting a new archbishop in a few months.

8:23 AM  
Anonymous Becky said...

You guys are so mean. Kelley, if you post your email address I'll send you their pictures.

Just let me know.

9:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with the earlier (not mine) anonymous' reasoning for O'Malley not being named a cardinal.

I think that it applied to Abps. May and Rigali in St. Louis while Cardinal Carberry was still alive.

However, it does seem a bit strange, though, that Abp. Rigali wasn't named a cardinal while in St. Louis later in this time there since Cardinal Carberry died in 1998.

Perhaps Abp. Burke will be named a cardinal and return that archdiocese to its at least recent historical tradition of having a cardinal at its head.

1:05 PM  
Anonymous Louis E. said...

Of course Cardinal Glennon was Abp of St. Louis for 43 years before he became a Cardinal!
Venice and Milan had multiple electors in the last conclave,of course...and no one's saying Biffi has to age out before Caffarra gets the hat.
If Wilton Gregory becomes a cardinal I suppose that would be a favorable verdict from the Vatican on his performance as conference president.

4:04 PM  
Anonymous CitadelGrad said...

ABp Gregory got his Vatican seal of approval when he was elevated to ABp of a rapdidly growing archdiocese from a small diocese that is largely overshadowed by the St. Louis Archdiocese. He might not become a cardinal in Atlanta but it seems likely he has a red hat in his future.

4:50 PM  
Anonymous Atiyah said...

Here is a nice article on the new Archbishop of Wellington John Dew:

9:03 PM  
Blogger vaticanisti said...

With respect to a new cardinal in the southern part of the United States, we think Gregory in Atlanta is a bit of a long-shot--getting the Atlanta appointment was probably honor enough for him. A more interesting possibility that shouldn't be ruled out is Archbishop Gomez of San Antonio. Granted, he has only recently been given his own archdiocese, but he is a priest of Opus Dei and Mexican-born, both of which make him worth keeping an eye on.

11:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gomez would certainly have a higher chance than Gregory. But San Antonio is a small town and it just lost half its province, and the major cities of Texas, with the creation of the province of Galveston-Houston. So if Gomez were to get a red hat, he would have to move elsewhere ....

3:55 AM  
Anonymous Louis E. said...

Texas is interesting...San Antonio was formerly metropolitan of the whole state,but ultimately it is Galveston that all the other dioceses in Texas descend from.I had wondered if they might divide Galveston-Houston (which started in Galveston but is now centered in Houston) but instead they kept it together and made it a metropolitan.
I can't see that Opus Dei is on a relentless rise to power...some advance having been made does not prove it will continue without limit.
Now about the Brazilians.Whether Walmor Oliveira de Azevedo of Belo Horizonte gets picked will show how likely this Pope is to advance younger men (he's 51).The Archbishops of Aparecida,Brasilia,and Fortaleza are also possibilities,each see has had at least one cardinal before (Aparecida from its creation has had cardinals).
While Caracas,Venezuela,lingers vacant,probably a casualty of political tussles with President Chavez.
Others I muse on include the Major Archbishop of Trivandrum (in India) and either Ikenaga or Okada from Japan.

9:02 AM  
Anonymous kelley sterling said...

Hey! Someone posted as me and gave the incorrect email address. Someone is playing a trick on me! I can kinda guess and that's not hot...

Becky, my real email is Vaticanisti can vouch for me since I emailed them before.

3:25 PM  
Blogger Beasonlopes said...

What is the possibility of Wilton Gregory being appointed Archbishop of Washington. Wasn't he on the short list last time? Washington D.C. is overwhelmingly African American, isn't it time for an African Cardinal Archbishop of Washington D.C.

2:41 PM  
Blogger Beasonlopes said...

A second comment. Last week we learned ArchbishopS Stanislaw Dziwisz did not burn John Paul's notes as he was suppose to do....Does he have Benedict's blessing regarding this, was Benedict consulted....and what about the report that Dziwisz made Ratzinger cry by berating him just before JPII died for talking to the press about JPII's condition. Does the Pope really like this fellow.

2:48 PM  
Anonymous melissa said...

You've been reading the British press.

We all know how the Brits love Joseph Ratzinger.

4:53 AM  
Anonymous Brian Day said...

Speaking of a replacement for Washington, DC, I keep hearing rumors of Chaput of Denver getting the post. Anything to that rumor?

11:59 AM  
Blogger vaticanisti said...


We posted on May 27 our list of possible replacements for Cardinal McCarrick in DC. Take a look. Chaput is in the running. We impart our blessing.

12:54 PM  
Anonymous Brian Day said...

I need to spend some time browsing your site.

6:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


5:48 PM  
Anonymous Louis E. said...

I would venture to say that the death of Cardinal Sin has increased the probability of Archbishop Rosales of Manila getting the hat...likely with the title of S. Maria ai Monti,which since its creation in 1960 has been allotted only to Archbishops of Manila.

9:06 PM  
Anonymous David C said...

One more possible name, imo, is our current (but soon retiring) Nuncio: Archbishop Gabriel Montalvo.

One other big picture thought. B16 seems to be trending a bit more traditional in many areas. I wonder if he might wait to hold a consistory until next fall or have only a very small consistory (8 voting members) if sooner. This would allow him to keep the elector count below the legal (but oft ignored) limited of 120 electors.

2:11 AM  
Anonymous card connell said...

Curious: why has Archbishop Diarmuid Martin not been appointed consultor to any Vatican congregations? Has he no friends at court?

We all know how he magnanimously got a room in the Collegio Teutonico for the newly arrived Joseph Ratzinger back in '82... something any ambitious prelate would have done.

Did things go downhill since then though? As I say, curious....

10:56 AM  
Anonymous Roman said...

Someone knows, why there is no consistory scheduled in 2005?

1:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope Archbishop Wilton Gregory and Archbishop Sean O'Malley will be elevated to cardinal, maybe next consistory will be held in February 2006.

4:31 AM  
Blogger Martin Wolters said...

First of all, I may introduce myself as the webmaster of; feel free to visit my site.

My favorite candidates for the coming consistory - probably February 22, 2006 - are as follows:

2. Francesco MONTERISI, Curia
3. William Joseph LEVADA, Curia
4. Franc RODÉ, Curia
5. Agostino VALLINI, Curia
6. Stanislaw RYLKO, Curia
7. Michael Louis FITZGERALD, Curia
8. Nikola ETEROVIC, Synod
9. Angelo COMASTRI, Curia
10. Carlo CAFFARRA, Abp. Bologna
11. Stanislaw DZIWISZ, Kraków
12. Marian GOLEBIEWSKI, Wroclaw
13. Seán B. BRADY, Armagh
14. André VINGT-TROIS, Paris
15. Lluís MARTÍNEZ SISTACH, Barcelona
16. Sean Patrick O’MALLEY, Boston
17. Francisco ROBLES ORTEGA, Monterrey
18. Jorge Liberato UROSA SAVINO, Caracas
19. Raúl Eduardo VELA CHIRIBOGA, Quito
20. Dadeus GRINGS, Porto Alegre
21. Joao BRAZ DE AVIZ, Brasília
22. Eustaquio Pastor CUQUEJO VERGA, Asunción
23. Carlos José NÁNEZ, Córdoba
24. Emmanuel III DELLY, Patr. Babylon/Chaldeans
25. Joseph ZEN ZE-KIUN, Bp. Hong Kong
26. Nicholas CHEONG JIN-SUK, Abp. Seoul
27. Gaudencio B. ROSALES, Manila
28. Alapati Lui MATA’ELIGA, Samoa-Apia
29. Evarist PINTO, Karachi
30. Théodore-Adrien SARR, Dakar
31. Raphael S. NDINGI MWANA’A NZEKI, Nairobi
32. Damiao António FRANKLIN, Luanda
33. Paul Josef CORDES, Curia.

Toledo, Primate of Spain, has to wait (Sevilla was considered in 2003) as well as Wellington, Addis Abeba, Antananarivo and Bordeaux. The Archbishop of Gniezno will not become Cardinal, neither the Patriarch of Jerusalem nor the Archbishop of Mother of God of Moscow. Also, Archbishop Foley of Social Communications will remain Archbishop for another time. I presume two "in pectore" from China, one patriotic of Roman obedience and one of the underground.

Any suggestions?

9:41 AM  
Anonymous Drehsen said...

some comments on the list of Mr. Wolters:

I would delete No. 13, 17, 20, 24, 25, 28 and 32. Therefore I would add the following candidates:

Archbishop Lajolo (Curia,Rome)
Archbishop Sandi (Curia, Rome)
Archbishop Marini (Curia, Rome)
Archbishop Funghini (Curia, Rome)
Archbishop Gomis (Colombo/Sri Lanka)
Archbishop Kondrusiewicz (Moscow)
One chinese bishop, but not in pectore

2:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Today the Pope has held the consistory in St. Peter Square, the new cardinal are:


7:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And tommorrow the new Cardinals will celebrate their first mass togheter with the Pope who will give them the Cardinal ring.

7:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think one of the "next" batch of cardinals would be the new Archbishop of Cebu; because CArdinal Ricardo Vidal would be retiring very soon he is also past the retirment age.
Also, the Philippines also lack Cardinals! being the third to Brazil and Mexico in terms of Catholic Majority in the world and the 1st and the only one of two with catholic majorities in Asia, and why does it that India has 5 cardinals while Philippines has only 3 with 1 over Eighty and one nearing retirement and the youngest of the 3 would also be retiring in the next few years.
and Also, why was the title of S. Maria ai Monti given to the Archbishop of Caracas ? this title was always traditionally given to the Filipino Primate the Abp of Manila!
also why not give S. Pudenziana to a Filipino It's the Filipino National Church in Italy you know!

6:10 AM  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interesting to read all past look again at Archbishop Jose H. Gomez...5 years in San Antonio, now headed to Los Angeles...Opus Dei...probably one more position in store for the Most Rev. Jose H. Gomez.

2:21 PM  

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