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Levada's Farewell Gala

San Francisco Archbishop Emeritus William Levada, 69, applaudes at his farewell gala, Saturday, August 13, 2005, in San Francisco. Levada is departing for the Vatican and will take the CDF Prefect job formerly held by Pope Benedict XVI. We're told it was quite an evening. Dominated by fat cats and their wives along with various bishops on their best behavior, the 2,300 guest gala was a veritable Levada lovefest. The archbishop received accolades even from SF mayor and Jesuit educated Gavin Newsom -- yes, the same Newsom who brazzenly violated California law by "marrying" same-sex couples. According to AP, Levada said that most Catholics were pleased with the way the archdiocese has handled sex abuse allegations. "On the whole, I can leave San Francisco with a good conscience," he said. Well, how about Portland?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Levada was a disater in San francisco. A compromiser who the "fat cats" loved. No wonder so many were in attendance at his farewell. This disoces has grown more in open schism during his tenure. The fact that the new Pope appointed him, the compromiser par excellence, is so discouraging. Makes my decision to leave the Catholic church for Orthodoxy several years ago make more and more sense.

4:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Big Bad Bill's farewell cotillion was organized by SF politico, Clint Reilly who served as MC along with his wife Janet, who just happens to be running for an SF seat in the CA state assembly. The event was teeming with political hacks such as Gavin Newsome, that bold political innovator who organized and presided over same-sex weddings at SF City Hall (must have been his Jesuit education at SI) . Best seats at the party were reserved for those who could be of most service to Mrs. Reilly's campaign. Not a bad way to kick off the campaign! If Benedict didn't have his head so far up his backside, he'd have collected enough data on Levada to understand that Bill is completely compromised, morally and commercially, bought and paid for over and over again. Bill can't even find refuge from his hideous past in the sacristy of his own cathedral church - was served with a subpoena as he was processing into the cathedral church for farewell meal with the faithful. And this was in the wake of revelations by the LA Times that Levada, in defending the Portland Archdiocese in a suit for child support (child fathered by one of his seminarians), argued in pleadings that the child's mother should have anticipated pregancy since she took no measures to prevent the pregancy (abortion?? birth control??). All the best to you loyal RCs who foolishly believe these pinheads know the heart and mind of Christ more intimately than the rest of us.
Romans - put on your helmets! BS from BL will fall like a spring rain!

Paul - SF

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Blogger Sainte Chopin said...

Hey, Paul gets points for spirit!

Benedict has been pope for all of four months. Three months of which fell during the in-active, Italian holiday.

Is Benedict's style of episcopal appointments the same as John Pauls? Simply signing the dotted line and wondering why the episcopate is a corrupt and spineless sore of the Church?

Wait and see...

8:22 PM  
Blogger Sainte Chopin said...

though the anti-catholicism is hardly tolerable.

And what creed do you profess, Paul?

Bitchyness in all its splendor?

2:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You guys just don't value the Truth! Just put the cold facts out there and you guys scatter and hide behind the age-old "anti-catholicism" banner. Grow up!

My creed...just tell the truth! Small wonder you poor sheep find it so offensive!

Paul - SF

6:22 AM  
Blogger Sainte Chopin said...

Bitchyness it is.

7:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sainte Chopin -

Get a life. Then get a job!

Paul - SF

11:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

By the way...

Q.: what's the difference between the clergy sex scandal in NY and the clergy sex scandal in SF?

A: About 40 years and the gender of the object of Monsignor's affection...

Paul - SF

11:14 AM  
Blogger vaticanisti said...


Obviously, you feel burned by the Church. That's fine. You have problems with Church governance. That's fine. Do you have problems with her theology, as well? If so, go somewhere else. If not, pray without ceasing.

In any event, though, stop sounding so shrill. Your arguments lose any effectiveness they may have had otherwise because you constantly complain without offering any realistic, constructive solutions.

11:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Vaticanisti -

I have a BIG problem with any institution that can't live up to the standards it seeks to impose upon larger society.

I have a BIG problem with an institution that preaches the splendor of truth on Sunday and then conspires with its attorneys to hide truth Monday through Friday.

I have a BIG problem with an institution which twists and contorts true Christianity in order to promote its imperical agenda.

In short, I have a BIG problem with the Latin Rite of Christianity and although I was baptized under the forms of the Latin Rite in 1961, I left it in 1994 for a more honest and sophistocated understanding of the message of Jesus Christ.

While telling people to go elsewhere might make small children feel better about themselves, it cannot and will not stop the world from expressing its concern about corruption and abuse of power by the Latin Rite Church through the ages. And if RCs can't handle the truth, hadn't they better stop trading in it???

The only realistic suggestion I can offer to the Latin Rite is that it take a long and hard look at itself and that it summon the honesty and courage to start being what Christ meant it it to be and stop conducting itself in a manner which has scandalized men and women through the ages. And that its clergy stop preying on its children.

Paul - SF

12:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks, Paul, for the information.

We've heard it all before.

And if some of us choose to stay and hope and pray that things will get better, why should you fault us for that? Why does it bother you so much? Do you think that by being insulting you will accomplish your goals here?

Not bloody likely.

1:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Vaticanisti -

Your gratitude is neither welcome nor necessary.

Yes, you've heard it all before but do you listen?

Stay if you want, pray if you want. That has no impact on how I feel one way or another. But also demand a change of heart and some accountability from your bishops. Any Church that fails to live in Truth has failed in its vocation. Clearly, the Latin Rite has failed in this respect and must make amends with Christ and with the world, especially with her own children who trust her less and less with each new revelation of betrayal by the clergy caste.

Paul - SF

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Anonymous A Voice Crying in the Wilderness said...

It seems to me that the Vaticanisti, despite their admirable willingness to acknowledge some of the more egregious failings of the present-day Church and to work and pray for better days in Roman Catholicism, lack sensitivity regarding the wider theological issues that are necessarily raised when one encounters gross disparities between theory and practice in church life.

The Vaticanisti reason in the following manner: either you accept as a first principle, as we do, that the only true Church is the Roman Catholic Church under the supreme earthly headship of the Roman Pontiff or you don't. If you do, then join us in trying to redress the serious problems in the Church while interpreting all available evidence against the authenticity of Roman Catholicism as compatible with our first principle or, if you don't, then leave!

This form of reasoning is mistaken because it incorrectly identifies the first principle of Christian faith as the Roman Primacy and the first principle of Christian ethics as obedience to the Pope. But the Catholic Church itself does not teach this, affirming, rather, that the foundation of the Church is Christ and faith in Christ. And Christ founded a Church, to be sure, and promised that He would be with her in various ways until He returned in glory. The Vaticanisti believe that one of the ways in which Christ remains present with His Church is through the exercise of the Roman Primacy. Fair enough, but the theologians have rather emphasized that the Church can be identified by various "marks" and included among these marks is "holiness." The Church today is losing credibility because of its failure to produce holiness among its faithful and within its leadership. The disparities between faith and practice in the Catholic Church cannot be so blithely brushed aside as the Vaticanisti do. True faith issues in works, it bears fruit. Christ said you shall know them be their fruits - He did not say that, no matter how fruitless the Church, one should remain in it so long as it teaches the "true theology." Just the opposite - He said you shall know them by their fruits and that their fruits would be the evidence of the truth of that Church's teaching, of its fidelity to Christ. Even Cardinal Ratzinger said much the same thing in the Ratzinger Report - that the Church's claim to teach the truth is credible only if it results in goodness and beauty. The Church’s claim to teach the truth must be tested through an examination of its life!

So, in assessing the various churches, we must look to their fruits as well as their doctrines. The Catholic Church today is losing credibility with many serious Christians because its life does not reflect its teachings. The Church says the Eucharist is the precious body of Christ, the holiest thing on earth, then gives it away to everyone like "cheapjacks wares" (Bonhoeffer) and hides it away un-worshiped and neglected as if the Church did not really believe it is the body and blood, soul and divinity of God. The Church says that marriage is indissoluble, then annuls thousands of Catholic marriages a year simply because the priests and bishops are so thankful that people bother to "go through the annulment process," thereby acknowledging the "authority" of the Church in these matters. But if the Church believed in the indissolubility of marriage, wouldn’t she rather urge separated married couples to reunite or, if circumstances do not permit this, to remain celibate - as St. Paul did? The Church teaches that contraception is a grave moral evil, then says nothing about it from the pulpit and gives communion to Catholic couples whom the Church knows practice contraception. The Church claims that the Liturgy is a sacred sacrifice and tradition that cannot be altered in its essence and whose organic development should not be infringed, then sanctions and, after Vatican II, even perpetrated the most liberal innovations and changes in liturgical practice, carrying it away from its self-presentation as offering to God in remission of sins. The Church teaches a high ideal of chastity, then permits and covers up among its own clergy the most egregious immorality. While Christians in some of the other churches struggle and, yes, often fail to live up to the demands of Christian chastity, in the Catholic Church, as the Vaticanisti well know, it is only a tiny minority who even keep the “goal” in view, the vast majority simply sharing the standards of the world. These are only a few examples of the disparities between faith and practice in the Catholic Church. I beg the Vaticanisti to take their import more seriously.

I am disappointed with the Vaticanisti. They seem to be insensitive to the real bone and marrow of Christian life. I wonder: are the Vaticanisti biased against other, non-Catholic churches and forms of Christianity? Do they have an unexamined and unquestioned prejudice in favor of the notion that the Roman Catholic Church is the only plausible Christian Church? If not, why the reluctance or inability to understand the fact that Christians question the credibility of Roman Catholicism and sometimes leave the Church - not merely because they don't share "Vaticanisti theology" but because of the life of the Roman Catholic Church itself. The Catholic Church has hurt itself more than any of her detractors have and has no one else to blame for it. The unbelieving and secularized Catholic masses, the liberal and out-of-touch clergy, the uncomprehending Catholic intellectuals who miss the fact that their scholasticisms do not bring home the Gospel to ordinary people, the sloppy and boring and humanized sacramental life of the Church, the shriveled and pointless religious life of the Catholic orders, the secularism of the Catholic mind and of her institutions, instantaneoulsy recognized as foreign by other Christians formed in more solid traditions. You cannot turn a blind eye, Vaticanisti. Wake up! The moral and spiritual life of the Church matters; it must be part of any reasonable assessment of whether or not the Catholic Church is what she claims to be, even whether the Christian message of regeneration in Christ has any credibility. If you do not recognize this, my friends, you are living a "faith" divorced from reality. Have the courage to demand from the Church what you would demand from yourselves – to be the salt of the earth! If she isn’t that, she ain’t no “true church.”

6:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Voice in the wilderness -

A splendid, candid and eloquent expression of why the children of God look outside the life of the Church for the true meaning of the Christian life.

You have been much kinder than I, but I have run out of patience with blind adherance to a magisterium which fails to life up to its own high standards and, as a matter of principal and as a father of sons, will never give refuge in my heart to the bishops who allowed the rape and molestation of Catholic children to go unchecked for decades here in the US just to protect their career paths. The guys wearing the red have real blood and real suffering to account for. Bill Levada is absolutely no exception!

Thank God for voices such as yours.


Paul - SF

6:58 PM  
Blogger Papabile said...

"The Church is not holy by herself; in fact, she is made up of sinners - we all know this and it is plain for all to see. Rather, she is made holy ever anew by the Holy One of God, by the purifying love of Christ. God did not only speak, but loved us very realistically; he loved us to the point of the death of his own Son. It is precisely here that we are shown the full grandeur of revelation that has, as it were, inflicted the wounds in the heart of God himself. Then each one of us can say personally, together with St Paul, I live "a life of faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me" (Gal 2: 20)."

-- Benedict XVI -- SOLEMNITY OF STS PETER AND PAUL -- St Peter's Basilica -- Wednesday, 29 June 2005

9:19 PM  
Blogger Beasonlopes said...

I agree with Anonymous regarding Levada being a compromiser. What a horrible thing these compromising bishops are.

The Orthodox Serbian Bishops have the more perefect Christian approach: genocide. Or the Russian Orthodox hierarchy, now there's a group of kindly idealistic folks...

9:46 AM  
Blogger vaticanisti said...

Voice crying out and Paul:

You shouldn't be so quickly dismissive of the Church's theology, so as to focus on the failings of her people in practice. Explicit in the Church's theology is that, while her people continue to fail miserably because of sin, Christ continues to show mercy and enables us to grow in holiness. The Christian life would be futile without this assurance.

The "real bone and marrow of Christian life" is that human life, my life and your life, has meaning because "[f]or us men and for our salvation, He came down from heaven. By the power of the Holy Spirit, He was born of the Virgin Mary and became man. For our sake, He was crucified under Pontius Pilate. He suffered, died, and was buried. On the third day, He rose again, in fulfillment of the Scriptures."

The Christian life is first and foremost a response to an encounter with this reality, this Jesus. This is an awareness that is lacking among many Christians today, including among many Catholics.

The reponsibility of all committed Christians, therefore, is to pray and to do whatever we as individuals can to heighten the awareness of this reality.

Remember, Our Lord said that the harvest would be great and the workers few--there is nothing to suggest that the workers are not few even within the Church, even and perhaps especially among the ranks of her priests and bishops.

The Creed, which is a statement of our theology and a guide for our life, reminds us that our sin is not the end of the story, but the beginning really. Therefore, the heart of the Christian life entails getting back up onto the horse every time we fall off, which will be frequently. How do we do this? Obviously, by recourse to the sacraments, especially Penance and the Holy Eucharist; but also through prayer, other devotions, spiritual reading, and service. The key is total consecration of ourselves, our work and our leisure, to Christ.

Admittedly, there are problems in the life of the Church--this is nothing new in her long and complicated history, as you both well know. Though the institution and the individuals fall short, however, the reality endures: God humbled himself and became a man like us in all things but without sin, so that we might become like him.

12:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Vaticanisti -

I have NEVER had a problem with the Creed and NEVER will.

Nevertheless, I have concluded that many of those called to the ministry of teacher weakened the power of the Gospel and Creed because they subordinated their ministry of teacher and sanctifier to their role as institutional asset manager.

This led them to make horrible, regrettable and often criminal decisions which have cost the Church dearly in the loss of its one asset that surpasses silver, gold and real estate...its credibilty in the eyes of the world.

If the gospel and creed are to have real power in the lives of ordinary Christians (RCs and others)the teachers must become sincere penitents, shed the limited power the world has to offer and dedicate all of their waking hours to seeking the forgiveness of Christ and those whom Christ entrusted to the care of their care.

I have no problem with the Creed. I am, however, SCANDALIZED by the failure of the teachers to practice what they preach.

I believe now and have always believed that before the Church is apostolic and Roman, it must be and must be seen to be HOLY.

Paul - SF

3:21 PM  
Anonymous Voice Crying in the Wilderness said...

Voice Crying in the Wilderness,

I couldn't agree more with Paul's sentiments, and, frankly, I'm rather flabbergasted over the fact that most of the people who write for and comment on this blog are apparently unwilling to concede what seems to me, from a Christian point of view, to be the incontestability of his central claims.

Nobody is saying you (vaticanisti)have to give up your belief in the papal claims. Nobody is saying the Church has not been or ever will be devoid of sinners, even serious ones. We are all sinners, as the Pope said in the quotation brought forward by Papabile.

But that got me thinking: What does Papabile believe the Pope is saying here? Does he think that the holiness of the Church consists only and merely in Christ's holiness and not in the holiness of its ministers and members? That sounds awfully close to the Protestant heresy of a purely forensic justification rightly condemned by the Council of Trent. I only raise the question. I make no assertions.

No - the true Church is also Holy, really holy in itself by God's grace. Christ guarantees the holiness of His Church until he comes again. We have to ask ourselves whether a Church with no justified sinners, with no sinners who are nonetheless habitually free of mortal sin, actually makes any sense. We have to ask whether or not a Church that does not demand of its members (especially its priests) that they be habitually free of mortal sin in order to receive God in communion has any credibility.

We can't just close ourselves into an ivory tower of papalism wherein we can no longer ask about or question the authenticity of the church of which we are already a part because we can't call into question the fundamental predicate that only churches and individuals in communion with the Roman Pope are in the true Church. That is noething more than a - perhaps more sophisticated than normal - fundamentalism. There are other standards by which to the judge the Church and the churches. The Pope himself says that. The Pope himself says the Church must be able to put forward credible proofs from her own life of its authenticity in order the convince ITS OWN ADHERENTS, let alone the world, of the papal claims themselves, as well as the other doctrines.

All the things you say about the failings of the church, vaticanisti, are of course incontestable from a Christian point of view - as well as Christ's promise to be with the Church until he returns. That's what the Bible and the Church teach. But thinking Christians cannot avoid the question that Augustine too had to confront thoughtfully in his day: ubi ecclesia?

It is hard not to admit that, today, the Catholic Church is in practice a church of cheap grace, as Bonhoeffer called it. All are admitted to communion. All abstention from communion is self-regulated and, therefore, not mandatory. Absolution is given automatically to all who want it - no real change of life is required from them. Whatever happened to serious penances for serious sins before communion can be given again to that person? Whatever happened to getting a confessor's permission for communion? Whatever happened to preaching that the way to salvation is hard and few are on it? These classic safeguards of the Eucharist have all been scrapped, and one hears nothing of these apostolic practices and teachings from the Catholic pulpits. Nobody beleives them, nobody practices it. We believe, instead, in the goodness of the common man. Theologians do not even shirk from imagining a justification so wide that it applies to all men by means of a "universal sacrament of salvation."

All of this waywardness is the justification of sin without the justification of the sinners. It is a betrayal of Christ Himself. Christianity is more serious than this. Until the Church takes it seriously, she too will not be taken seriously. Neoconsevatism is not enough.


2:09 PM  
Blogger Beasonlopes said...

Isn't the proper thing to do for those who are dissatisfied with the holiness of the episcopate, and catholic liberalism in general, to attempt to reform the church from within. Like St. Francis. Or St. Benedict. Isn't this constant battle between sin and renewal a permanent condition of both mankind and our Church?

I find it odd that people who understand the fallen nature of man, and all of the evils committed by churchmen throughout the millenia, somehow manage to find this age so bad that they cannot stick with the Church and try to make it better. It seems to me that if we join a Christian church based on the holiness of its leaders that we will end up with nowhere to go. It also seems to me that this type of attitude is sinful itself. It seems to me quite arrogant to posit oneself as the arbitrator of what is good and bad in the church. Who, exactly, has given you the authority to judge? Christ, it seems, has given us quite enough hard work to do, yet some out there have decided that, along with the difficulty of following the gospel, they must also pass judgment on the successors to the apostles. What a terrible burden it must be to have been called by Christ to this task.

I think Christ will take care of those in the episcopate who have failed in their duty. In the meantime, let us endeavor to improve our own lives.

6:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Beasonlopes -

Your specious reasoning assumes the Latin Rite Church can, should or sincerely wishes to be be fixed.

The proper thing for any of us to do is follow Christ and only Christ.

One is not obligated by the gospels to "fix the temple" but to listen to and live out will of God and follow the Lord.

In choosing an ecclesial community, one is not motivated by the personal holiness of ecclesial leadership or the lack of it has the case may be. One is motivated only by Christ's call to personal holiness. This may be accomplished without recourse to apostolic succession or the "tradition" of the Latin Rite.

Finally, if the bishops of the Latin Rite had held themselves to the high standard of behavior and living that most ordinary Christians do, they would have been guided by Christ instead of the lawyers and their collective net worth in the USA might not have suffered a net loss of $1BB plus!

What? All of a sudden, recognition of what is true and what is untrue is "passing judgment on the successors to the apostles?"

Gotta do better than that!

Paul - SF

7:57 AM  
Blogger Beasonlopes said...

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8:58 AM  
Blogger Beasonlopes said...

I do understand your viewpoint. When one hears about the abuse of children, and the cover-ups, etc. one wants to go to the temple and begin overturning the tables of the moneychangers, as Christ did. The hideous abuse that has gone on really cries to heaven for vengeance.

However, for me, and perhaps others, Christ and the Church go hand in hand. I know Christ through the Church, which he instituted, and which he promised that the gates of hell would not be prevail against it. I cannot choose Christ over the Church as this is, to my mind, theologically nonsensical. Christ communicates and acts through the Church. The Church is the vehicle of Christ. Once you leave the church, you are protestant and have to rely on your own subjective understanding of things, and this is quite dangerous.

Also, I simply cannot believe that all the latin rite bishops are bad. A significant minority, perhaps. But all? This seems a little much.

Like you, I contemplated switching to Orthodoxy. However, Orthodoxy has its own serious problems too. While eastern orthodoxy has the benefit on missing out much of the liberalism of the last 75 years (due to the fact that communism sort of froze it in stasis for the last 75 years) their bishops are often very provencial, prejudiced, and interested only in their particular state or race. Some ar complicit in genocide in Serbia. They are also, like the rest of us, corrupted by money and power.

So I decided that will stick with the Church because there is much good it has done and is doing. Most of it doesn't get reported. And also, I don't think it is my place to decide I will leave the institution that Christ founded because I happen to think that many of its leaders are seriously flawed. Secondly, God may be using the flawed clergy in some plan which I cannot fathom. Maybe it will spark a great reform.

8:58 AM

9:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can agree with you that a significant number of Latin Rite bishops are compassionate and holy men and my previous comments may have been too broad in scope.

For the record, I myself have not opted for Eastern Orthodoxy. I'm just keeping my distance from ALL of the temples for the time being.

I will never judge you for staying as I don't expect to be judged for leaving.

But we must critique all of the Churches on the basis of their genuine witness to Christ in history and today. By their theology, ecclesial structures and by their very way of life, what are the Churches saying to the world about Christ?

These are the questions both you and I ask now and shall continue to ask.

The suffering in the Church now does create opportunites for serious reflection, dialogue and real reformation.

Paul - SF

11:10 AM  
Blogger vaticanisti said...

Voice, Paul, et al.:

Ubi Ecclesia?

Ubi Christus; IBI Ecclesia. Christ himself established his Church and provided the means to sustain her throughout the trials and tribulations that would follow: his true body and blood in the Eucharist and the Paraclete.

In addition, he provided shepherds, from among the ranks of his disciples--first and foremost among them was Peter, the Rock, who denied Christ himself when Christ needed him most, not once, not twice, but three times! Think of the scandal brought about by that denial! And that was on the eve of the Church's birth; not after 2,000 years of complicated political history.

Christ promised to preserve and sanctify his Church--the gates of Hell shall NOT prevail against her, even though it seem that Hell already has in our finite human understanding.

This is not some fundamentalism behind which loyal, thoughtful Roman Catholics are hiding. On the contrary, it is a "hard saying" with which we continually wrestle. We aren't oblivious to the fact that some real scoundrels occupy the episcopacy, but as students of history you know that THIS IS NOTHING NEW.

The Evil One is alive and well and though he knows his time is fixed, he will continue to lead astray all that he can--both unrighteous shepherds and hubristic laymen who think they know better than Christ. The Church is holy, but only because CHRIST IS HOLY; not because of the holiness of her priests or people.

If her priests and people are the measure of Christ's Church, we will be sorely disappointed, as the Voice and Paul are, and as any observer of Peter at the time of Christ's Passion and Crucifixion would have been. Thanks be to God that man is NOT the measure of all things!

Paul, while we agree with you that saying what is true and untrue is not "passing judgment," this also applies to your claim that the Roman Church is hyprocrital for stating what is true even when pastors fail to live up to it. Throughout salvation history, with the exception of Christ himself, imperfect, inadequate men have spoken for God (e.g., the OT prophets). They can say what is true and holy even though they are not holy. If they are too proud to admit their failings, then they are hypocrites (certainly some bishops fall into this category) and for that they will have to answer before the seat of judgment.

11:38 AM  
Anonymous Voice Crying Over your Obtuseness said...

Even Rembrant couldn't paint a masterpiece on a pile of hay. I don't think you have a clue what I'm talking about, and there ain't nothing I can do about it. An artist is only as good as his materials.

The problem in the church today is not scoundrels in the episcopate. Maybe that's Paul's idea. It isn't mine. The problem is that, among the non-scoundrelly, non-corupt, "orthodox" bishops - there is not a one that will call a spade a spade. The church has abandoned the way of penance, fasting, and conversion. This way of life is apostolic and motivated by the knowledge that only the few who radically turn from thew world will be saved. Communion practics are a universal scandal throughout the whole church. Nobody believes it's a problem. You cannot fix something when no problem is acknowledged. You're living a dream, kid. The steam has gone out of the ship. Catholicism is a magnificent failure.

10:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Argentine Bishop resigns over sexual relationship w/23 year old MALE.

See...things don't really change.

And yet, even in the Church, God is making all things new.

We're stuck with our Sin and we're stuck with a God who will make all of us new in spite of our sin.

Good luck to all.

Paul - SF

9:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Laity, Please wake up! stop the in fighting get control and expose these errors to the Holy Father. These men perhaps Levada and i know for sure Brown of Orange and Mahoney of Los Angeles are Duplicit. They go to The Vatican and put on a show For The Holy Father. Check this out call the Diocese of Orange and if you get put on hold the music in the background is Gregorian Chant! this is the same Bishop Todd Brown who is removing everything "traditional" in the parishes in the diocese. but they play Gregorian Chant for when The Vatican calls or perhaps a 'fat cat " conservative catholic " go to The Los Angeles Lay Catholic Mission newspaper July/Aug 2004 issue they have website check out the article on Bishop Todd Brown and the goingons with his priests. i will post more comments later. Please wake up Laity! the time is now to pray, rise up, speak out , call the diocese yourself and give them a few words if you know what I mean, don't let them get away with what they are doing! The Laity needs to demand orthodoxy! start today call them on the phone call information 411 ask for the Catholic Diocese of Orange at The Marywood Center in the city of Orange. Do it now! God Bless.

12:56 AM  

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