Monday, August 29, 2005

Over and done with

Well, the meeting that has so occupied our readers for the past week came . . . and went . . . . Pope Benedict XVI and Bishop Fellay of the Society of St. Pius X met today at Castel Gandolfo. As far as the vaticanisti can tell, no one was hurt. No word yet on the attire worn by either man, either.

After the meeting, Bishop Fellay released the following statement: "The meeting lasted about thirty-five minutes; it took place in an atmosphere of calm. The audiences was an opportunity for the Society to manifest that it has always been attached —and always will be —to the Holy See, Eternal Rome. We broached the serious difficulties, already known, in a spirit of great love for the Church. We reached a consensus as to proceeding by stages in the resolution of problems. The Society of Saint Pius X prays that the Holy Father might find the strength to put an end to the crisis in the Church by 'restoring all things in Christ.'" The Holy See, through Dr. Navarro-Valls, expressed cautious optimism, as well. Now, only time will tell.


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